Left to Right:  Caitlin Varrin, Caren Hui, Robin Ogura, Dean Tumibay, Kristine Owen-Wood

Left to Right: Caitlin Varrin, Caren Hui, Robin Ogura, Dean Tumibay, Kristine Owen-Wood





Being one of Yogalife’s first GSRs, starting his job at the front desk of the South Studio a mere month after opening, Dean has kept close ties to the Yogalife community for over 6 years. Initially, Dean worked the front desk, completing administrative and studio maintenance duties, but soon found a love for all things media and graphic design.

“The Yogalife aesthetic just appealed to me overall. It’s simple, clean, open, and calming. I’ve learned to incorporate all of these elements not only into my media content for Yogalife, but my own personal photography from working closely with Caren, Yogalife’s owner, and Caitlin, Yogalife’s other blogger.

Social media and photography gives me an opportunity to be creative, and I’ve realized in the past year how important this is to me, having always been a very visual person. Setting up and taking photos, as well as writing and formatting blogs, is a way for my mind to exercise. Creating content that is balanced and harmonious in such a way that is pleasing to the eye for me is a lot of fun. I love it. To do it for a company that I’ve long supported, and a community I love is a big bonus.”

In the time between finishing his 4 year journey with Yogalife as a GSR, and now returning as a member of the media and blog team, Dean has lived a lot of life, completing his masters in physical therapy, and acquiring a job at the Glenrose Hospital working first with the stroke and brain injury population, and now in the geriatric department.

“Physical therapy, the human body and movement are a passion of mine. I find everything I’ve learned in my experience as a physical therapist goes hand in hand with a lot of elements of yoga as well. Being able to tie those two worlds together is always exciting.”

An avid coffee fanatic, and self-described “bookworm”, you can likely find Dean in local coffee shops either reading a book or taking photos.




Caitlin has been writing and snapping photos for the Yogalife Media Team just about as long as she’s been teaching at the north studio. Caitlin met Caren one fateful New Years Eve at a local gem of a restaurant years ago and it was love ever since. You can find Caitlin at Yogalife Studios North every Tuesday night (when she's not globetrotting!) 

It's pretty apparent Caitlin is naturally drawn to anything communicative - writing, photography, teaching and, believe it or not, talking! She’s got her toes dipped into a plethora of paths on the daily; her career is a digital mosaic of photography, web design, blogging and social media management.  

“I actually just love it all. I am a master juggler - a path that has taught me so much about my own boundaries and capacities. It is always worth it at the end of the day to do something you love, with pride.”

Recently Caitlin fell in love with the craft of DJing, something she's been surrounded by for years as a 5 year member of YEG's Night Vision and frequent-festival-flier. You can find her playing at and attending events around the city alongside her friends and crew - a true dance floor maniac!