"My journey into yoga started in 2006 years when I was living in Australia. I timidly wandered into a beginner yoga class led by a beautifully inspiring teacher named Kristy. Over the next couple of years my practice blossomed. An energy and desire started to burn within me. When I arrived home, there was no need for me to consider what I wanted to do for a living, for my calling was obvious: to share yoga with the world. I completed my 200 hour teacher training with Gaiatri Yoga. The amazing people from Gaiatri helped to spark a sense of wonder inside of me that expands everyday. I've since become certified to teach prenatal yoga and have completed a 300 hour advanced teacher training with Gaiatri Yoga.

In this life there are so many distractions of the mind. I believe if we can turn inward and dwell in the space of our hearts instead of our heads, we will never be led astray; for it is our hearts that guide us to our truth, our passion, and our peace."


This Week With Emily: