Graham has, throughout his life, been drawn toward the things behind things, and after a foray into the sacred movement of Taoist Tai Chi, began to explore the path of Yoga in 2004, and has been continuously captivated by the blessings, challenges, purpose and harmony that it has brought to his life.

Certified as a Hatha &Yin Yoga Instructor after spending time with teachers in British Columbia and Hawaii, Graham enjoys creating an atmosphere of warmth and stillness in his personal practice, which has allowed him to do so in his classes.

“Our lives demand such a myriad of mental and emotional calisthenics as we move through each day, and the gift of being able hold space together and let all this silt settle, so that we may see clearly into the warm still centre of ourselves and one another, is one to be cherished. Let's explore together. Om & Prem.”


This Week With Graham: