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"My love affair for yoga started in 2004 while completing my degree at the U of A in industrial design. I was only looking for stress relief and found new perspectives on how to occupy my body in the most delicious and wonderfully challenging ways. I took my teacher training shortly after through Trinity Yoga in 2007. As the events of my life unfolded, marriage, children, divorce, careers, I am always in awe of the ways in which my yoga practice is a microcosm of my life. How I show up on my mat and in my body is clearly reflected off the mat. Sometimes pleasant and often raw, yoga has allowed me to experiment and ultimately enabled me to simply put…be brave. As a former Montessori preschool teacher and certified Kids Yoga teacher, I hope to offer playful, poetic discovery to those who welcome me as part of their practice. I honour the bravery and joy that you bring to your mats. See you soon!"


This Week With Robee: