Robindra has been studying and practising yoga for close to 14 years. As a serial entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist as well as festival producer, he found yoga early in his 20's to find a way to calm down his busy and active mind. At first Robindra was primarily into meditation but found that ashtanga yoga, which was his first practise really helped him release all the tension and stress that he was dealing with as the owner of several businesses including a college and marketing agency.

Today, he has really slowed down his life to be more in harmony with nature and takes time to enjoy the little things in life that he had missed as a busy entrepreneur. In class, he shares wisdom gained through his many years of real life experience as a yogi and entrepreneur. As the oldest brother in the family, he took great care of his sister who has cerebral palsy and through this experience brings a deep level of sensitivity and awareness into each class he leads. Expect great music, laughs, stories, adjustments and a yin/yang style hatha class. He has studied with masterful teachers around the globe including: Rameen Peyrow, Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doane and Tim Miller.


This Week With Robindra: