Always enjoying yoga sporadically through out the years, 2013 was when Sadie committed herself to a consistent practice. She became attuned to her body and breath and enamoured at how when linking the two together she was able to access and quite her mind.

Sadie sees her yoga practice as a tool of self-exploration and her mat as a safe place to learn, challenge and grow. She believes her practice on the mat prepares her for life off the mat, cultivating space, stability and self-awareness. Always a student first, her practice is forever evolving.

Sadie has completed 500 hours of YTT with Michele Theoret at Empowered Yoga and 2200 hours of Massage Therapy at MacEwan University.

Her knowledge and curiosity of how the body moves, functions and adapts influences the intelligent sequencing she strives to share. She is passionate to be apart of and to share this conscious movement.

“May we all forever be students, learning with enough challenge to grow.”

This Week With Sadie: