How did you find yoga?

"I was a dancer, so movement has always been in my life. When I came home from a life changing trip to Thailand in 2007, I realized I needed to make some big shifts in my life if I was going to get down to the very Essence of what makes me happy. Each time I had gone to yoga, I thought it would be a really cool job and it wasn’t until I went to Vancouver and knew I needed to live there for awhile, that I decided I would do my Teacher Training. It has been an uncovering of sorts and I am still 'finding' yoga."

What is yoga?

"Yoga is everything. Literally everything. How are you eating, how are you sleeping, how are you in relationship, in chaos, in turmoil, in joy.. It is the way we walk the earth and the way we treat it for the earth mimics the Self. It is how you are breathing into this world and how you are allowing the world to breathe into you. It is the way in which you respond to all that is around you, while maintaining the essence in which you are, never form fitting “who you are” to fit in. Yoga is movement infused with breath, for breath is the healing agent that purifies the body. What is yoga….. it is this, it is that, it is the everything in the nothing and the nothing in the everything. The paradox, the dichotomies, and ultimately it is the context in which everything happens. This doesn’t make sense? Yoga is the seed at the bottom of all of this, that is unchanging and ever growing."

What got you into yoga?


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