GSRs: Who They Are And Why We Love Them!


Today marks the 8th year that Yogalife Studios opened our doors. Since that time we've built two communities in opposite sides of the city, hosting multiple teacher trainings and workshops at both home bases - not to mention hundreds of yoga classes! Our teaching roster is home to an amazing array of humans who travel the world for inspiration to bring home to our community.

Throughout the last almost decade we've seen our staff grow, multiply and thrive. It has truly been an amazing journey together! 

If you come to the studios often you've probably gotten to know an integral part of our Yogalife Family: the Guest Services Representative team, informally known around Yogalife as GSRs. These beautiful people are the first shining faces you see at the front desk - the humanpower behind our studio cleanliness, setup and overall vibe. The GSR team keeps our lives organized and easygoing and we love that they really share a passion for our culture and lifestyle.


To our North and South GSR teams, we love you, we appreciate you, and we are so grateful for your hard work and awesomeness. Give these guys and gals a high five next time you're coming to class, and if you feel like this role could be a good fit for you, click the box below! 


Our GSRs are exceptionally great at making new Yogalifers feel welcomed. Joining a new studio can feel daunting and these people do their best to make the transition pleasant. They're always eager to show you around, let you know about class details or just point out the hot tea in our lounge. You could say they're really great at setting the mood!


The thing I love most about working as a GSR at Yogalife are the relationship and genuine bonds I'm able to create with everyone I encounter, whether its the teachers, clients or other Yogalife staff members! I love having a job here I'm able to create a feeling of inclusivity with everyone around me! 

- Izzy, GSR Yogalife Studios North