Astral Harvest: Yogis in the Field



Four Yogalifers, Five Workshops, A Million Smiles!


This year marks the 7th annual gathering of beautiful souls for Astral Harvest: Mythic Roots // Binary Skies, July 3-6th in Driftpile, Alberta.  A homegrown festival with the roots of the crew hailing from Edmonton, this is a quick-growing shaker with something for everyone.  With daytime workshops as a central focus for Astral, it's no surprise that four of our own will be sharing their skills with the festival-goers.  Graham Parsons, Jessica Saulnier, Jennie Musani and Caitlin Varrin are rolling in with five different offerings over the weekend.  They couldn't be more excited to be a part of this magic.


Graham shares:

"My favourite part of astral is sharing chai with a best friend you weren't acquainted with till that afternoon, as you leave the chill dome at 3am and both smile at the part of the sky that never really got dark, & know that you still have several more days of warm friends, mindful yoga, inspiring art & immersive bass.  Welcome to Now"

Join Graham Friday, July 4th // 10am // Sacred Vibration Vinyasa AND 4pm // Laughter Yoga


Jennie shares:

"To me, Astral Harvest means freedom. I'm most excited to just be. <3"

Join Jennie Sunday, July 6th // 12pm // Yin Harmony gives you all the background info a festival-er could need, and here's a snippet from their blog to illuminate the vibe of this gathering:


Astral Harvest Music is not your ordinary music festival - it is a feast for your senses!

We bring in international and local DJs and acoustic acts, powered by the ever-impressive PK Sound. Our 4 unique stages and incredible lineup brings world wide recognition. But Astral Harvest goes beyond the music scene with an emphasis on daytime activities. Astral Harvard conferences are sure to inspire new thoughts and ideas. Learn a new skill or practice at a workshop, cool yourself in the river at the beach or take in one of the many live art shows or interactive performances throughout the weekend. Our atmosphere is part of the magic - a playground and children's activities will keep your Little Harvesters engaged and entertained!


Nestled in the beautiful boreal wilderness of Northern Alberta, admission includes 3 nights and 4 days of camping, free water and firewood, and access to hot, coin-operated showers. Take a stroll through our funky and renowned marketplace and support local artists, merchants and bountiful food vendors.

Come celebrate music, art, knowledge, community and the human experience - Home is where the Harvest is.


A little more from our other two yogis in the field:

Jessica shares:

"Astral Harvest to me is yet another opportunity to experience oneness with all, while providing the freedom to express individuality through music, dance, movement, fashion, art, and performance. If one word could describe the spirit and beauty of the festival grounds, the amazing stages, the friendships made, the love and light shared between fellow humans, the informative workshops, yummy yoga, epic dance sessions, and hilarious camping adventures, well my friends, that word would be MAGIC." Join Jessica on Friday, July 4th // 1pm // Gaia Flow


Caitlin shares:

"Astral Harvest is community: home, heart and harmony. It's reunions and connections, so many smiles and jokes, family. My favourite people, land, music, art and movement. Harvesters are truly and deservedly spoiled :)" Join Caitlin on Thursday, July 3rd // 1:30 // Simple Pleasures~Hatha Flow"

Big thanks to Luke GS Art & Photography for the beautiful photos!