From Baggage to Blessings with Waymatea Ellis


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From Baggage to Blessings with Waymatea Ellis Yogalife Studios North Saturday, September 12 || 2:30-5:30pm register now!

This three hour workshop, facilitated by Waymatea Ellis, helps women see how their path has revealed their strength, to witness the sacredness of their story, and to find a deep sense of ownership of their unique gifts. Come and claim your gifts.


About Waymatea


A minister, intuitive and spirit healer, Waymatea Ellis is a student for life. A former school-teacher, current Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Shamanic Practitioner, she offers in-person and online healings, intuitive readings, and retreats. Way is the ‘mother’ of Souljah Fyah, a JUNO-nominated and multi-award winning Reggae band, a project for which she channels the message of love and healing for all beings. She is also the recipient of several teaching awards, including being named Global TV’s Woman of Vision, and the University of Alberta’s Alumni Award of Excellence for inspiring her students through music and teaching.


edmonton yoga workshop waymatea


The following is a glimpse into Waymatea's history and heart:


This workshop is based on one big, important, and profound idea that changed my life forever . . .


You don’t need to let go of your baggage from the past because your most painful experiences are actually the ticket to your awakening.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to totally embrace your past without feeling the need to apologize for it? Have you ever craved the total acceptance and freedom that could come with being in alignment with everything you have been through - with no shame?

It is not that easy to set down your past. I know this, because I spent so many years of my life trying to. I meditated, vision boarded, yoga’d, positive aspected… I did all of the right things to see the bright side of life .. and yet I kept reliving a debilitating pattern of self sabotage, depression, dysfunctional relationships -- the whole nine.

Until - I realized through my relentless seeking for relief and joy - that my biggest blessings lay not in setting the baggage down and moving on - but in setting down the bags, looking inside, and finding gifts that were unique to me. There they were - Divine gifts and blessings that I had earned through my painful past. It was almost magical to see that I had endured so much - only to recognize that it was an initiation into a life that would be spent helping others who had gone through similar trauma and pain.

I have made in my journey from clinical depression and complex, severe PTSD, to totally owning my whole story, witnessing my own gifts, and shining from my heart into the world. I hope you will join me in this conversation about seeing your most painful baggage as deepest blessings.


Waymatea is currently taking registrations for The Brave and Beautiful Program, a 13-month intensive for women around the world to unpack their most painful baggage and find their Divine blessings inside. At the heart of her work is her dedication and love for her two daughters, Nakai and Nya Star. For more information on Way and programs that may interest you, please visit