Welcome Back Dean!

The Yogalife Studios crew is thrilled to welcome back Dean Tumibay to our media team. Dean originally started with Yogalife shortly after we opened our South studio back in April 2010 as one of our Guest Services Representatives working the front desk.  

"I started to take on projects as part of the media team, beginning with helping design posters back in 2012 and started working on blog work and photography in 2013. After leaving Yogalife in the fall of 2014, I continued to pursue other social media and graphic design ventures with other yogis in the Edmonton community, as well as with Lululemon community events, but was eventually drawn back to Yogalife!"

Dean went to the University of Alberta to complete his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy and is currently working as a physiotherapist at the Glenrose as part of the Adult Stroke and Brain injury team. He has plans to return to working with the geriatric team at the Glenrose this summer. Amongst the busy day to day at the hospital, Dean loves to mix it up with his creative talents as well. 

"First of all, the media team is full of cool people (duh!) so that makes working with the team easy. Secondly it allows me to reconnect with the Yogalife community that I've missed for the time that I was away - I've also had the opportunity to meet new people and get familiar with new health and wellness business in the city. Third, I feel like there is a side of me that enjoys creative activities, whether it's photography, writing or graphic design. By doing these sorts of activities as a side job to my full time gig as a physiotherapist, I get to express myself in a way that feels natural to me. In a sense, working for the media team, and allowing myself to get creative is a type of active meditation that helps me relax yet simultaneously feel productive."

You can find this busy guy around Yogalife for his favourite classes on the weekend - usually a 7:30am Saturday Hot Flow.  

"I would have never thought this about myself two years ago, but I'm such a morning person. I'm relatively active throughout the week, so I like to save yoga for my weekends to get my sweat on, but also stretch all those tight areas that have built up from 5 days of more rigorous labour."

Watch for his blogs and photos over the weeks and months to come. Welcome back Dean!