Fresh New Site


Making it easier...A new Yogalife website. Why? In hopes of making the online experience at Yogalife more enjoyable and easier to navigate through. We have been working really hard at redesigning the entire website from top to bottom. We're making it more interactive, more organized, and overall easy to navigate.

For those of you who know MindBodyOnline, that system is now integrated into our website and will do all the registering and purchases that you once had to do through MindBody.


Here are some new features that we really like:

The Schedule is now conveniently located in the top corner of the website and can be viewed at anytime without taking you away from the page you're looking at. It shows both locations so you can make sure you're going to the right class!


For easier navigation, we've organized the classes to help you pick and choose the right one for you.


Let us know what your favourite features are or would else you would like to see us do here!