Hot Flow Essentials


We love Hot Yoga! We wanted to share with you some tips that you should know about a Hot Flow class!

5 Hot Flow Tips to help you in your next class:

1) Make sure that you are well hydrated before class! Drink lots of water throughout the day before your class. If you're coming to an early morning class, make sure you are hydrating the night before.

2) Keep your meal light before class or give yourself 2 hours to digest before your practice. This helps with core and twists!

3) Bring a long beach towel or hot yoga towel, no slipping in down dog when you start sweating profusely.

4) Don't forget your water bottle. Even if you don't drink it during class, you're going to want to drink it post yoga.

5) If you feel overwhelmed by the heat at all during practice, don't let your ego get in the way, just come down into Child's Pose or lay down on your back to allow yourself to rest. Then when you're ready, jump back into the practice. Make sure you take care of you because ultimately that's why you're there.


What are some of your tips when you practise Hot Flow?