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On Saturday, February 21, Dawn McCorry is hosting 'Prenatal Partner Yoga' at Yogalife Studios North. Read on to learn more about her offering and register here for the workshop!


Pregnancy is a magical time for any mother; her belly starts to grow day by day and she feels all those rolls and kicks from her child. With the beautiful growth of the baby, the mother's body shifts and expands to make room, but with this sometimes comes aches and pains. Yoga can be an amazing way to lessen those side effects and create more space for her and baby. Yoga also creates a lovely strength within the Mom as she carries her baby within her for 40 weeks.


Moms-to-be enjoy prenatal classes at Yogalife Studios and see the benefits with each practice. Now here is their chance to include their partner in this wonderful practice. Prenatal Partner Yoga will allow each partner to strengthen their body for the upcoming birth of their baby. Labour is sometimes referred to as a marathon and everyone knows that before running a marathon participants train for months to condition their bodies for the challenge ahead. The same goes for childbirth; not only is the mother challenged with the contractions, but the partner will be there to support and comfort the mother through each one.


First, the couples will move along side each other in an individual practice intertwined with each others breath, taking time to support and assist each other to find strength and confidence. Partners can take this time to create a deeper bond between the mother and child by supporting her body in positions that will be beneficial in labour and delivery. Working through the power of touch, the mothers and partners will be guided through massage techniques that help to alleviate discomfort and promote relaxation. Each partner is encouraged to use their voice to communicate their needs to each other and with this valuable tool they will be better equipped to navigate the path into and throughout their labour and deliveries with medical professionals.


This workshop will give you tools that you will use throughout your pregnancy, birth, and well into parenthood. No yoga experience required.




About Dawn:


Dawn is Certified Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga Instructor as well as Certified Birth Doula through DONA. She has also had the honour of carrying and bringing into this world 3 amazing sons. Dawn’s open approach to yoga encourages students to be guided by their own inner wisdom. She can’t wait to share all the benefits yoga has to offer to new parents.


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