Sara Cueva's Yoga Journey


You know her by her infectious laughter, and perhaps she's cracked a joke or two in class while your thighs were burning in chair pose. Some of you may not know this, but Sara's journey towards becoming a yoga instructor and now manager of Yogalife Studios South encompassed almost all aspects of Yogalife.


"When I found my mat for the first time, I don't think I ever really left."

- Sara Cueva


She began as a humble student (and still is) of yoga, diligently practicing and working towards improving her fitness. We began seeing her at the studio every day, sometimes twice a day, and soon Yogalife South became her second home. With time, not only did Sara reap the benefits of a physical practice, but also began exploring the spiritual principles as well. Eventually that led to her being one of our front desk staff members, becoming further integrated in our community. Within a span of a year, Sara registered for her 200hr teacher training and became fully certified as an instructor, and it was her passion for the practice that immediately readied her to teach our students.


"I started taking yoga philosophies off of the mat and into my every day life, and that's what changed my life."

- Sara Cueva


Now looking back on how far she has come, teaching and managing our south studio, Sara is still humbled by it all, and teaches every class with the same excitement and enthusiasm that she had when she taught her first official class at our studio at the beginning of 2012. Check out the video we made, briefly outlining this amazing journey Sara has weaved through to be where she is today.