Yoga For Glowing Skin


This month we're falling deeper into healthy routines and self-healing practices.  This week we're talking about glowing skin, which just so happens has a LOT to do with breathing.  The following is a guest post from the folks at Urban Wired, a website dedicated to health, fitness, nutrition and natural remedies.  

How Yoga Can Affect and Promote Healthy Skin


Yoga is an ancient technique that combines all the pressure points of a body with breathing techniques to give you an exercise/breathing regime that not only helps you stay fit and healthy but also promotes a better functioning of the body. Amongst its many benefits, yoga is very beneficial for the human skin.



The human skin is made up of millions of tiny pores that breathe in oxygen and release carbon dioxide along with the many toxins in the body, in the form of sweat. With dirt, pollution and an unhealthy lifestyle, the skin is the first one to suffer. Physical changes like lines on the face, dark spots and acne are all because of insufficient oxygen supply to the skin.


Various yoga poses promote the stretching of limbs and deep breathing that allows your lungs to function at their full capacity. Lungs working at a 100 percent, meaning that the food in your body will be digested better with a better circulation of oxygen throughout. This oxygen promotes the circulation of blood cells and a better blood flow in the body, which makes the heart pump good quality blood. The liver, which digests fat, also works well and the excretory system which includes your intestines and kidneys functions better too. A better functioning excretory system results in more removal of toxins and wastes from your body that were being accumulated and causing a hindrance to your bodily functions.


As your internal body starts working more efficiently and in a better way, the physical changes can be seen in your skin which starts looking better and has a glow with more oxygen being able to cleanse it. As there are fewer toxins and the food is digested better, breakouts and acne are reduced.


Matsyaasana, or fish pose, helps with deep breathing which results in more oxygen intake and better glowing skin. For the simplest version of this pose, sit cross legged and bend backwards expanding your chest and your lungs, internally, taking in more oxygen.



Cobra pose, where you lie on your stomach, plant your hands in the earth and reach your heart back to bend into your spine, works on your chest and lungs. This position promotes deep breathing, cleansing out your system and inspiring that glow to your skin.  Open heart, open lungs, bigger breaths!


Other poses include shoulder stand or the Viparita karani kriya, which allows the blood to flow into the brain and regulates the flow and the circulation of the blood. Better circulation of blood means more oxygen and nutrients to your heart and an overall improvement in circulation and quality of blood throughout the body, which adds rosiness to your skin.


Halasna is the next level of the shoulder stand where your toes reach over back behind your head. Here, you work on your digestive system while breathing regularly and holding the pose. This improves your digestion resulting in more removal of toxins from the body.



Yoga is not just a fitness regime, but it works on your overall health. Breathing techniques work on your body internally and replace medicines and supplements to give your body a natural way to better health and glowing skin.


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