50 Hour Rocket Power Flow Training


The “Rocket” is a fun and exciting approach to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga of Pattabhi Jois, developed in the early 80’s in San Francisco by the legendary Larry Shultz. Each Rocket series aims at introducing the more difficult postures of 2nd, 3rd and 4th series traditional Ashtanga Yoga.


The beginner can be given modifications for every posture, limiting injuries yet giving a substantial glimpse at what is possible and what postures can be accomplished down the road. In this teacher training we will draw inspiration from the Rocket sequences in order to create fun, non-dogmatic and creative sequences that are both safe and challenging.


The Rocket inspired Power flow sequences use breath, vinyasa and bandha to create a continuous flow of energy that heats up the body, oxygenating the blood and eliminating toxins.


The Rocket and Power flow sequences are not just intense physical exercise, but also a method of drawing us deeper into the innate wisdom of the body, you lose yourself, your conditioned way of living and relating with your body and the world, and get lost in the ebb and flow of prana. The mind begins to quiet down and you become fully absorbed in the moment. No past and all the regrets, comparisons, judgments and doubts that have grown from it. No future and all the expectations associated with it.


In the moment there is no such thing as success or failure. There is simply sensation, pure experience and consciousness.


There is nothing to hold you back or to force you forward, inhibitions turn into innate wisdom and "knowing". You begin to accept your "weaknesses" as your "strengths" as they become your teacher and your guide. The challenging postures teach us to confront our fears as we become vulnerable; in the sense that you work on those things that are difficult and challenging. It is a universal law that if you challenge something, it grows. However it is also a universal law that the harder you are on something, the faster it breaks down. Therefore, it is accomplished by sensitively challenging yourself in the rocket inspired power flow sequences with a quiet mind. Fully absorbed in the moment that you grow. If we only work on those postures that are comfortable and easy then we feed our ego and idea of perfectionism.


It is in the struggle that we find peace and stillness. It is in ugliness where real beauty lies.


This will be a fun and exciting 4 days where we will cover the primary and second series of Ashtanga yoga as well as Rocket 1 (Foundation Power Flow)  and Rocket 2 (Advanced Power Flow-2hr practice) We will also look at creative and new approaches to creating “themes” within the Power Flow and Rocket sequence. This incredible opportunity is being led by Michele Theoret and Rockne White:

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