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Pura Botanicals: In Pure We Trust

Pura Botanicals, in pure we trust.


This month we're featuring local apothecary and potion professional Pura Botanicals. This green beauty apothecary & natural perfumery boasts a collection of non-toxic, vegan, and eco-friendly skincare and wellness potions centred around the ancient art of the beauty ritual. Pura Botanicals is incredibly conscious; check out their amazing ambassador tribe (which includes the lovely Myrah Penaloza!) and learn about why the founder, Lane, was destined to create this company.


Pura Botanicals workshop and creative space.


"From an early age, I was fascinated with making potions on a little step at the side of our home. I spent hours concocting healing tinctures for my mother, whom was kind enough to test almost anything I snuck into our home. It was my love for nature and probably her nurturing instinct that guided me down the path to becoming a green beauty skincare alchemist and perfumer."

- an excerpt from Lane's 'Love Letter'

Natural Beauty

Pura Botanicals' collection encompasses skin care, body care, aromatic elixirs and yoga potions. Only the finest, skin-friendly ingredients go into these products, with the intention of unveiling and celebrating natural beauty.  At the heart of this process is finding the luxury in nurturing yourself, the planet, and the community.  Pura creates with mindfulness and consistency.


A display of natural skincare products from Pura Botanicals.


Custom Fragrance

Another interesting niche of this company is the Bespoke Perfume program.  Pura's extensive library of essential oils offers something for everyone and the intimate process of selecting the right combination for you is truly unique.  They conduct an in-depth scent analysis to ensure the most authentic inspiration is arrived at.


A collection of essential oils used to create bespoke perfume in Edmonton, AB.


"My first memory of perfume comes from my childhood. At night, on the occasion that my mother would go out, she would mist her heart centre and pulse points with her special perfume, and then kiss me goodnight before leaving. Up close, her soft, moist skin and signature scent would enrapture me with her elegance and beauty. Now as a woman and mother, I wear her favorite perfume to remember her by... to savour those bedtime kisses again and again. That's the power of perfume. It can be something dabbed on for an evening outing, never to be repeated again, or it can be an unfading part of one’s identity, recalled decades later with bracing clarity & awe."

- Lane Edwards, Pura’s founder, perfumer & alchemist


Natural ingredients used to make Pura Botanicals products.


We are stocked with our favourites at both studios.  Come try a sample and see why we fell in love!  To learn more about this amazing company in our community, head to


The lovely images featured on this blog were provided by Jenn Crebas Photography.  Check out more of her work at, and find her on Facebook and Instagram!

Festival City: Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival




Festival City: Edmonton International Fringe Theatre Festival

FRINGE: not part of the mainstream; unconventional, peripheral, or extreme (aka something you want to check out!!!)


This year marks the 33rd Edmonton International Fringe Festival, an 11-day event anchored in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona district.  The Fringe showcases a variety of independent theatre performances from more than 1,200 local, national and international artists.  Purchase a program guide from these retailers to plan out your Fringe experience.  Many shows sell out, so buy your tickets in advance!


Along with the Festival’s diverse theatre offerings, the festival features an abundance of outdoor fun.  The offerings are comprised of theatre performances, indoor and outdoor shows, street performers and buskers, vendors and beer gardens.  Check out the full line-up of festival events here!


A street performer entertaining Edmontonians gathered in Old Strathcona.


Bring your little ones to Kidsfringe, a fun and FREE area for ‘little fringers’ ages 0 – 12 and their caregivers found on the North end of the Fringe site. Experience plays, music, storytelling and more on the KidStage, hear a story at the Book Nook or get creative at the Craft Corner!



Let us know your Fringe highlights!  Know someone performing?  Favourite venue?  We'd love to hear from you! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!


Happy Fringing!  

Edmonton Folk Music Festival


Hundreds of festival-goers grace the Gallagher Park hillside, creating this iconic view that is EFMF.  Image used from

Festival City: Edmonton Folk Music Festival

The Edmonton Folk Music Festival (EFMF or Folk Fest for the veterans) is a four-day outdoor music event held the second weekend of August annually since 1980.  Though named a "folk music" festival, EFMF boasts a ton of different acts and genres.  You can find Celtic, bluegrass, blues, gospel, roots, and worldbeat acts performing on the multiple stages, through the day and into the evening. Staged in Gallagher Park in the Cloverdale community, Folk Fest is truly one of the largest highlights of the Edmonton festival collection.

The 2014 line-up is looking stellar.  Acts include Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, Blue Rodeo, and Michael Franti & Spearhead.  Find the full performer roster here!

The festival gates open at 4:30 PM on Thursday & Friday and 9:30 AM Saturday & Sunday.  During the daytime hours of the festival, there are six active stages hosting workshops and concerts with one stage devoted solely to children's entertainment.  Face painting, street performers and roving acts are just some of the treats you'll find in between the stages.  This festival is so kid-friendly they have put free entry in place for festival-goers 11 and under.  There are dozens of food vendors, ranging from carnival fare to vegetarian and world cuisine.  The green onion cakes and elephant ears are two EMFM classics!  A large tent houses craftspeople and there is a CD tent where the performers' albums can be purchased.

"Like most festivals, the experience needs to be lived to understand why this festival continues to be one of the premier music events in Canada. The Folk Fest manages to create an atmosphere that goes beyond the music, into an experience in itself. The entire production—from the setting, of the stages, to the volunteer staff that keep it going, and even the festival goers themselves—generates a feeling we look forward to experiencing again and again." -

Are you going to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival this year?  Send us your pictures and stories for a festival recap!

Servus Heritage Festival



Festival City: Servus Heritage Festival


This year marks the 39th Servus Heritage Festival, known around YEG simply as "Heritage Days" or "the most amazing place to grab dinner". Featuring 60 pavilions and representing over 85 cultures, this festival is brimming with things to do and see.  The action runs from August 2nd to 4th in beautiful Hawrelak Park.  Enjoy cultural food (so much delicious food!!!), performances, crafts, clothing, artwork and more in Edmonton's largest park space.

Festival Hours:

Noon to 9 pm Saturday, August 2nd 10 am to 9 pm Sunday, August 3rd 10 am to 7 pm Monday August 4th


The Heritage Festival is an amazing place to connect and chat with people about their cultural roots and their present-day communities in Canada. Look for pavilions showcasing cultural displays with photos, paraphernalia, and stories about their culture or ethnic background in Edmonton. Check out the full pavilion listing here.


Admission is FREE but don't forget your donation for the Edmonton Food Bank!


What are your favourite YEG summer festivals?  What have you been up to?

Connect with us on Facebook and share your summer stories.


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YEG Highlight: South Common Farmer’s Market




YEG Highlight: South Common Farmer’s Market


Surely you’ve seen all the signs on your commute to and from our south studio—our neighbours over at the South Common Farmer’s Market are so close, you can almost smell the fresh summer berries as you step out of our studio doors!


Featuring sunshine, fresh local goodies, and friendly faces, the outdoor market is home to some lovely vendors sharing everything from handmade coconut milk soap to Alberta beef jerky. Bring your pre- or post-class appetite—food trucks and stalls offer ready-to-munch goodies like fresh fish tacos, sweet and juicy lemonade, and gluten-free perogies smothered in all the toppings.


Feel free to simply browse and enjoy the community, and feel good about any purchase—not only are you supporting local farms and businesses, but the South Common Farmer’s Market also gives back to various charities, like Hope Mission, The Center for Arts and Music, and plenty of youth sports teams.


The South Common Farmer’s Market runs every Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Servus parking lot just southeast of Yogalife South (this year, it runs until October 19th). There’s plenty of parking, and ETS route #74 stops right at the curb.

Hope to see you southies there!

Wheat Kings and Prairie Things


“Big skies, big hearts”—that’s how Rachelle and Monique, known together for their work with Prairie Yogi, describe our wide community of practitioners and the great expanse of land—of grain and grit—upon which we move. Prairie Yogi is an online magazine devoted to building connections across the prairies, uniting yogis from Edmonton all the way to Winnipeg.  

Often it may feel that we’re isolated here, far north and far away from an engaged, curious community of yogis—that’s why Rachelle and Monique wanted to create an open, online forum for prairie practitioners to share their experiences, their studios, and their love for the wide expanses we call home. The idea is that we can foster a family, we can cultivate a kind of Canadian kula—and feel connected, whether linked with words on their website, or when we travel between places.




This month, Prairie Yogi is traveling from their home base of Winnipeg to officially launch their project westward—and they’ll be stopping by Edmonton next week, on June 11th. We feel so honoured that they’ve hand-picked two of our very own instructors to lead through their launch—Yogalifer and Studio Director Lindsey Park will be guiding an outdoor practice during the day at Louise McKinney Park.  And in the evening, our own Myrah Penaloza, alongside Andrew Misle and Teresa Byer, will be helping teach a 75-minute class at Latitude 53—an event that involves not just yoga, but also wine, food trucks, and beats by guest DJ Robindra. (You had us at yoga!)


We chatted with Prairie Yogi to get to know these lovely ladies a little better before their big YEG debut. Here’s what they had to say.


1) Tell us about Prairie Yogi—who are you, and what do you do?


R: Prairie Yogi was created first as a print Magazine to educate + inspire yogis across the Prairies, and it has evolved into such a beautiful community over the last 2.5 years. We believe story-telling, community, and experiences and these beliefs are expressed through our digital media property and our signature style of events. I am the founder of Prairie Yogi, the editor of the website, and the one who spearheads our events and marketing strategies.


M: Prairie Yogi began as a print magazine two and a half years ago. Now it's grown into something much larger and something very special. It's an inclusive community of passionate yogis (of all levels!). We host inspiring yoga events, workshops and this September we'll be hosting Prairie Love - the prairie's first yoga and wellness festival. I created the Prairie Yogi website and have my hands in all things creative: design, photography, video- creativity makes me bust with joy!


2) What do you love about the prairies?


R: I love the four seasons, life in the extremes and its effect on our people. We're friendly and can handle pretty much anything mother nature throws our way. I'm a gypsy at heart, I never thought I'd end up here. It took me years of travel across four continents and living on a tropical island to realize just how special the prairies are and be ready to call Winnipeg the place I choose to spend life.


M: My favourite thing about the prairies is the people. The prairies will always mean home, family and community to me. Regardless of the weather (we really do endure the extremes!) prairie people always seem to embrace the temperatures with resilience and make the most of the beautiful seasons we have.


3) Have you visited Edmonton before? If so, what stands out—do you have any Edmonton stories? What did you love?


R: My first love was from Edmonton. I spent some time in the summer there with him wildly (and naively) in love, the way you can only be when you're young. My memories of the city are fond and so special. The one that sicks out in my mind is seeing the Northern Lights for the first time during a backyard sleep out.  I also am a big kid and love the water park at West Edmonton Mall :)


M: The last time I was in Edmonton I think I must have been 7 years old. So as you can imagine - West Ed water park better watch out! But in all seriousness, people often say that Edmonton is Winnipeg's sister city and I'm really looking forward to experiencing the city and community. I've noticed how vibrant the yoga community is in Edmonton and I really am looking forward to connecting and making new friendships.


4) What can we expect from your events during the #YEG launch on June 11th?


R: Community, fun, and inspiration all around. We like to laugh and play and we encourage participants to bring an element of fun and lightness into their practice and community. We always have a few surprises and goodies up our sleeves as well for participants. We're had such amazing feedback from our events in Winnipeg, and we cannot wait to spread the love out West!


M: Fun, smiles, treats, and a great sense of community. My favourite thing about Prairie Yogi events is the way people really feel the love, open arms and open hearts.


5) What makes someone a prairie yogi?


R: I think it means different things to everyone. We always ask that question to our prairie yogis of the month and the answers always vary. For me it means being resilient, celebrating where you’re from, and being connected. Connection allows you to let life flow, good and bad, like it does in the big skies of vast horizon of the prairies.


M: I think being a Prairie Yogi means that a) you embrace some aspect of yoga in your life and b) you've found a home in the prairies - whether you were born here, live here, or live elsewhere.




We’d love for you to join us on June 11th as we give Prairie Yogi an open-armed, open-hearted, warm warm welcome to our city. We know we’ll be there!  Daytime event is free and drop-in, tickets for the evening event are available here.


YEG Highlight: Louise McKinney Riverfront Park


  We've probably all been lapping up the sunshine in the past few weeks, and rightfully so! Whether it's a stroll in the river valley or a good stretch or book read in the park, Edmontonians get right to it when the opportunity presents. Over the summer on the Yogalife Studios blog we will be sharing our favourite outdoor hotspots. Patios, outdoor yoga spots, art and culture showcases and festivals - all things summer YEG!


Follow along and get involved outside the studio as we soak up our community all summer long.

All photos by Paul Swanson


Louise McKinney Riverfront Park


As soon as the snow melts, it seems that this place is constantly buzzing with Edmontonians getting their outdoor fix.  Revered as the gateway park to the rest of the park system, Louise McKinney Park is a hub to connect through our beautiful river valley.  The amenities within the park are perfect. Loads of benches, stairs, and grass to read a book, stretch, conduct a bootcamp or acro yoga session.  Maybe hula hooping is your thing!  Or just tossing a frisbee after a picnic lunch.



The Chinese Garden is beautiful to walk through or maybe pose for some cool pictures!  Hang out on the bridge, rub the stone lions, or meditate in the surrounding grass.  It is a truly serene place, right near the water.  The gazebo has power outlets and is available for event rentals.  You can find dance and music events hosted here throughout the summer.



"This park is the front door to the river valley parks system and a gateway to trails throughout the city. It is a vibrant venue for special events and river-based activities."


The promenade along the river hosts a floating dock for small boats and canoes and there is a cafe and activity-rental place to maximize adventures through the trails. You can find washrooms and water fountains down here as well.



Take your next free afternoon down to the heart of YEG at Louise McKinney Riverfront Park. We love hanging out down there and practicing yoga all over every bit this beautiful place has to offer! Learn more about the park on the City of Edmonton website and stay connected with us through the blog to see more updates on our city.


Share your outdoor yoga photos with us on Facebook and Instagram (yogalifestudios) and you could be featured on our blog! We love yoga photos and YOU!