JULY 24TH – 28TH, 2019

This yoga intensive is for Yoga teachers and advanced practitioners. We will study in depth the energetic body both experientially and cognitively. The mornings begin with pranayama, kriya, meditation and mantra followed by two hours of asana. We will break for lunch and come back for 4.5 hours of lecture with some practices. The objective is to have the student step away with a better understanding of the nadis and chakra system, the koshas and viyus, the 4-levels of the mind and how they operate, as well as an ability to be able to teach and sequence pranayama.


mornings only

9:00AM – 12:00PM

• Subtle body practices - mantra, pranayama, kriya, meditation, and asana



full day

9:00AM – 6:30PM

• Lab component - nadis, chakras, koshas, viyus, and 4 levels of the mind
• How to teach pranayama




  • Pre-requisite will be to have read Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss and have the ability to sit for a minimum of 30 minutes.

  • Beginners should not attend this.

  • Students should expect to start their mornings with an hour of pranayama, kriya, mantra and meditation, followed by 2 hours of asana ranging from hatha to hatha flow with the occasional partner work. 

  • We will have a 1.5 hour lunch break

  • The afternoons will be mostly lecture with some practice.  

  • In the lecture component there will be space for dialogue within the group and an expectation to share and engage in topics around the Anatomy of the Spirit. 

  • Topics covered in lectures will be mostly subtle body - nadis, chakras, koshas, viyus, and the 4-levels of the mind; as well as how to teach and sequence pranayama

  • Benefits of attending are that you will have a much deeper understanding of the subtle body both experientially and cognitively.