owner / visionaire

Caren’s first encounters with yoga was when she was 15. She started going to a weekly beginner’s class in 2004 and has had an on and off relationship with it since.

The philosophy and practice of yoga resonated greatly but growing up, she had many different activities that encumbered her schedule like piano, so much math, Chinese, art, swim, badminton, table tennis, and kung fu lessons so she had an ebb and flow relationship with her yoga practice in the early years. In her 3rd or 4th iteration of re-dedication to the practice, she was in the thick of her university days, uncertain of what ‘career life’ held for her at the age of 20. In 2009, she took her first 200HR teacher training and continued to cultivate her relationship to yoga.

From daydreaming about starting a business to reality, Yogalife opened its doors in April 2010 and shortly after expanded to a second location in 2012.

She has learned and continues to learn much about herself and about people from being an entrepreneur (which is probably why this bio has taken her ages to write). For Caren, finding purpose and meaning in life has a lot to do with how she is in service of others. While running a business has its challenges, witnessing the difference that yoga and community does for people makes these challenges worth the effort.

She hasn’t taught yoga in several years; that side of yoga is not her forte. The connection and community that is derived from the collective experience of yoga is what she’s into. She is humbled and in awe of the space & experience that’s created when people come together.



north & south studio manager

Megan started practicing yoga in 2007 and discovered Yogalife through a friend of a friend. She joined the Yogalife team in 2015 as Manager at the North studio, and took on managing both studios in September 2017. She is an avid reader, loves playing music and adventuring with her husband, is obsessed with Harry Potter & Dr. Who (Hufflepuff pride!), and is the proud pal of her kitty Q-Bert.

Her top 5 reads would include The Harry Potter series, My Story by Alicia Appleman-Jerman, American Gods by Neil Gaiman, House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende & Gather Together in My Name by Maya Angelou.

Megan's mantra for 2018 is "Hope and fear cannot occupy the same space. Invite one to stay" -Maya Angelou