suitable for beginners

Beginner's Basics

For those that are brand new to yoga or want to brush up on basic skills to move through a flow or hatha class with more confident. This class will be more of a workshop style class to break down some basic poses for more comprehensive understanding. Each week we will go through a different topics and topics will be repeated monthly. 

Happy Hips

Happy Hips is a Hatha based practice with emphasis on opening and strengthening the hips. The hips are at the pelvic hub of our skeletal system affecting the way we walk, sit, move and sleep. Creating harmony in the hips often leads to harmony in the entire body/mind. Happier hips make for happier days and nights. This class will emphasize a variety of movement and is suitable for all levels of experience and for those interested in opening and strengthening the hips.

Hatha Flow

Hatha flow includes the same benefits as a tradional Hatha class (variety, stretch, strength, alignment and stimulation) with the added component of Sun Salutations. Sun Salutations, or flow, involve strength and stamina for the upper body, shoulders and spine as well as stimulation for the nervous system. This class is suitable for those wanting to maintain or deepen their flow practice and for those wanting to build flow into their practice while including the variety Hatha provides.

Hatha Flow & Nidra

A slow, integral alignment based flow class to warm and ease the muscles and joints to prepare the body for a juicy yoga nidra practice. Yoga nidra “yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation practice where the body is completely relaxed and the consciousness is systematically guided towards increase awareness of the inner world in order to relax and heal their being. This practice will leave you feeling balanced, relaxed and bliss out!

Restore + Renew

Restore and Renew is a class designed for conscious relaxation of the body/mind. Props are used to support the body, comfort is encouraged to relax the nervous system and through guided breath, imagery and meditative exercises, time slows down. When the body/mind relaxes we create the space for internal balance, restoration and health renewal. Restorative yoga helps relieve the effects of chronic stress and assists in decreasing ones biological markers for age. This class encourages you to be more and do less. It is recommended for anyone wishing to experience the health benefits of less stress.


During this class, students will be taught the basics to meditate on their own and will have access to further information and resources to help them establish a regular practice on their own. During the hour, the teacher will guide students first into relaxation and then into a specific meditation allowing students time for their own meditation for the last portion of the class. Each class will be slightly different as the guided meditations can be quite diverse to include areas of focus such as: deep relaxation, chakra balancing, pain management, setting and working with intentions, healing, letting go and so many more. This is a great opportunity to release stress, find a deeper connection with yourself and truly see your life path.


Hatha Foundations provides the detail and alignment necessary for new yoga practitioners as well as the essentials for those with an existing yoga practice. It provides a basis and experiential understanding for common yoga postures as well as descriptive alignment for the body and breath. It includes a wide range of staple postures that stretch, strengthen and stabilize alignment. This class is taught by holding traditional postures and moving between postures without sun salutations or flow. It provides the foundation to enjoy yoga from the inside out. Hatha Foundations is highly recommended for new practitioners and is suitable for all levels of experience.


Hatha Yoga refers to the origins of all yoga styles. It includes a wide range of movements and postures that stretch, strengthen, align and stimulate all systems of the body. This practice is a great compliment to any form of physical activity, for those who wish to maintain and deepen their existing yoga practice and for those who are new to yoga. This class is taught by holding traditional postures and moving between postures without sun salutations or flow. Hatha yoga is the staple of all yoga practice and is recommended for all levels.