"My journey in yoga began in 2005 when I was pregnant with my second son. I was searching for a new way to be more connected with my body and baby. Starting simply sitting quietly in mediation with my baby from there moving into postures that felt good in my body. I will never forget the first practice I had in a studio with other souls, it moved me into my center, I was home. Yoga was something that my body and spirit had been searching for. I have also had chronic back pain that started in my late teens; the practice of yoga began to alleviate these issues during my pregnancy, which speaks volumes on how powerful the practice can be on the body to help it heal and strengthen. The practice truly allowed my birth of my second baby to be a strong, gentle, and empowering experience. After another pregnancy, and 6 years of practice I knew I had to share all the gifts that yoga has given me.

In 2011, I took two teacher training programs which including a Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training and a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher Training both certified through the Yoga Alliance. In 2012, hearing my call back to birth I also completed my DONA Doula training. I am forever a student to the practice and will never stop learning. I do believe that yoga should be something that occurs in the body from the inside out. When on your mat you are moving your body from a very intuitive place. As we slowing allow the voice of our intuition to grow on our mats we can begin to hear it off our mats. During those challenging situations when big emotions and other opinions get in the way. I would love for you to join me to tap into your intuition in a calm, loving environment in my Hatha, Prenatal or Postnatal classes. I look forward to passing on the endless benefits of yoga to you."


This Week With Dawn: