Jenn started her yoga journey in January of 2011 at Yogalife Studios. She was looking for a new activity, as she had quit competitive dance the previous fall. After her first yoga class she was hooked. Jenn continued to go to yoga almost every day and after one year of only hot yoga she dipped her toes into the non-heated practise. Jenn learned to appreciate all facets of yoga and after a big adventure abroad she left for Thailand. While in Thailand, she completed her first 200 hour teacher training in April 2013 in ashtanga vinyasa yoga with It’s Yoga Thailand.

Once Jenn was back in Edmonton she was fortunate enough to start teaching at Yogalife Studios. Since 2013 Jenn has trained with many different teachers, attending different workshops throughout Edmonton and Victoria, BC. In July 2014 Jenn completed her second 200 hour training. It was a foundational vinyasa training with Uttara Vidya School of Yoga through Yogalife, in Edmonton. Jenn is now an ERYT 200 and continues her journey as a student of yoga first, taking in as many classes, workshops and trainings as possible. Over the past couple of years Jenn have been influenced by a couple of strong teachers within the Edmonton community and in BC. One of them being Jennifer Raye from Victoria. She has opened Jenn’s eyes to the wonderful benefits of yin and restorative yoga and Jenn now has integrated these styles into her practise and enjoys sharing the gentler more meditative side of yoga with others. Teaching yoga has been and continues to be such a blessing in Jenn’s life. She feels so grateful for the community and the inspirational friends she have made along the way.

Jenn enjoys teaching all different kinds of classes, but her main focus is always on awareness and breath. Whether she is teaching a creatively sequenced vinyasa flow, a slow grounding hatha or a relaxing restorative class there will always be attention on breath and awareness within the body and mind.


This Week With Jenn: