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"My initial intensions for a regular yoga practice was specifically for the physical challenges and benefits. As my practice evolved I became aware of many new experiences, benefits and opportunities through yoga. I began to connect yoga to my mind and spirit along with my physical body. I began to see yoga surfacing in my everyday life through my emotions, reactions, perceptions and beliefs and found I started to become a more caring, understanding, accepting, peaceful, and happy person. The intention of my daily practice soon became all encompassing. I realized that yoga was where I needed and wanted to devote the majority of my time.

I completed my 200 Hr YTT and with 14 years of experience teaching in the fitness industry, I was able to make a smooth transition into becoming a Yoga Teacher. I continue to learn and grow through my own practice and am currently expanding my knowledge and training in the area of Yoga Therapy/Trauma Sensitive Yoga. I love helping others discover and grow through their own yoga journey, no matter what individual intensions are. I look forward to meeting you on the mat whether it is your first class or you are deeply immersed in your own yoga journey."


This Week With Kim: