Mat started practicing yoga in 2008 following a series of skiing accidents that left him with bilateral ACL reconstructions and multiple meniscectomies. He has always been drawn to the ashtanga system as a means of systematically healing the body and building flexibility, strength and balance in equal proportions.

Ashtanga, which on the surface seems structured and rigid, truly is a sequence of postures that, when taught effectively, is tailored to every students individual body. The combination of rigorous postures and challenging transitions (vinyasas) asks students to confront all aspects of themselves mentally, physically and spiritually – good or bad (or ugly).

Mat has maintained a daily practice for almost a decade and currently practices the primary and intermediate (second) series as well as a portion of the advanced A (third) series of the ashtanga system.  He has had the opportunity to practice with many esteemed teachers including Geoff Mackenzie, Mark Robberds and David Robson among others. Having a doctorate in Civil Engineering, Mat has a unique insight into the physics of asana and how the physical practice can be approached safely and effectively for all different body types.


This Week With Mat: