Yoga Journal Conference in SFO


I know it's March, definitely long overdue. But thought I'd share some photos with you guys from when Lindsey and I went to San Francisco (beautiful city!). We took a week off from Edmonton in January to do 5 days of yoga and learning at the Yoga Journal Conference.

We enjoyed some great coffee, lots of food and tons of yoga. Here are just a few photos of what we saw, did and ate!


The Yoga Journal Conference started for us on Thursday, first with the business of yoga. A full day of listening to some cool speakers talk about opening a yoga studio and the best practices.

I snagged this shot from the Yoga Journal Conference Photos. Photo Credit: Double Secret Media.

We took a seminar with Bo Forbes on the very last day (Monday) and learnt about the Lymphatic System.

Our biggest addiction while we were in San Francisco was Blue Bottle Coffee. One of the best cups of coffee ever for less than $3. WHAT???

This was one of their impressive contraptions to brew an 8 hour drip cold coffee. As strong as alcohol.

The city lights up at night. We were staying by the waterfront in the heart of downtown San Francisco. This city is gorgeous!

We ate really GOOD during our entire stay. This dish was from the Slanted Door.  The food there is absolutely delicious! If you're ever in the Bay area, go check them out!

Best sea urchin appetizer at The Slanted Door! Unless you don't like sea urchin. Delicious! I love fresh food!

The Atrium in our hotel. It was massive and very grand.

We made a visit to Alcatraz. It made me want to watch all the Alcatraz movies that were ever made.