All About Patrick Creelman



Patrick is a Certified Anusara teacher, masterful and well versed with advanced alignment.


Through years of dedicated study he has developed a high level of personal practice and an expert eye in helping students achieve new levels in their own physical yoga practice and philosophical understanding. Patrick is widely considered as one of the most experienced and inspiring "Teacher's Teacher" in Asia. Well established throughout China and Asia, Patrick has a global community that also extends throughout Europe, North America, and South Africa. His classes include a philosophically based thematic focus, clear anatomy, and alignment for both simple and complex poses within a strong fluid practice.


From the article "Tough Guys Do Yoga" in the Asian Pacific Post


"In high school Creelman was first introduced to Yoga by his uncle who passed him a set of beautiful lecture tapes by Ram Dass. This was his first conscious step towards his spiritual path. After years of ski racing and rock climbing, Patrick took his first Hatha Yoga class in the Sivananda Tradition at Simon Fraser University in the spring of 1996 and was struck by the calm, yet powerful effect it had on his hectic college life. After an 8-week intensive, it became clear that the blending of spirituality and physical experience of Hatha Yoga was a path that had a deeper message than anything he had done before."


Patrick will be at Yogalife Studios South on February 12th.

The Master Class runs from 2-5pm (for teachers and dedicated students) and the Strength & Intelligence workshop runs from 7-9pm (open for all levels of practitioners).

Patrick doesn't post a lot of videos, but for a sneak peak at him in action, you can check out the link below!


For those on the 35 day challenge, Patrick's Master Class counts for 3 non-hot flow classes, and the Strength & Intelligence workshop counts for 2 non-hot flow classes.