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20 Characteristics Of Self-Love


Adapted from Howard Falco at MindBodyGreen  

Falling in love with yourself is the TRUEST type of love. It is not selfish, egocentric or unjust - it is the most important relationship you can foster. This love transcends borders, liberates you and connects you to your surroundings.  Today we're celebrating 20 aspects of self-love and the positivity it brings back into you.


1. Self-love is appreciative of your journey, struggles, and determination to move forward and overcome.

2. Self-love respects your physical body and its absolute perfection.

3. Self-love understands, forgives, and honors your past for the lessons it has provided you.

4. Self-love understands that you cannot change the past, and can only make new, more empowered choices right now.

5. Self-love is grateful for the gift of life with all its ups and downs.



6. Self-love accepts the current circumstances and is appreciative of the knowledge every situation offers on how to begin powerful change.

7. Self-love results in a divine respect for who you are, which leads to respectful choices

8. Self-love understands that your existence is the self-evident proof that you matter in every moment.

9. Self-love trusts the process of life.

10. Self-love accepts the truth that all life presents is for you in some divine way.

11. Self-love provides a love that allows you to trust that life will bring you what you desire when the conditions are right.

12. Self-love provides you the patience and faith to wait for the conditions to be right.

13. Self-love allows you to be limitless in your dreams, hopes, and desires, and limitless in the actions you take to achieve them.

14. Self-love gives you a healing and comforting presence around others.



15. Self-love gives you the peace that is stronger than anyone’s negative comments.

16. Self-love gives you a knowledge that surpasses all fear.

17. Self-love is kind, gentle, forgiving, hopeful, optimistic, and energizing to the soul.

18. Self-love is kind, gentle, forgiving, hopeful, optimistic, and energizing to others.

19. Self-love is the greatest gift you can give yourself and your world each and every day.

20. Self-love is the greatest love of all.



Core Shri



Core work has the potential to place us in moments of spontaneous and unavoidable vulnerability. It’s that quality of the practice alone that has me so drawn to it. My core practice has unraveled parts of myself that needed to be loved, seen and acknowledged.


Through the offering of ‘Core Shri - Core Work As A Spiritual Practice,’ my intention is to offer tools for you to empower yourself. In the winter months, I was granted an opportunity to put the teachings of yoga into practice, and what I was given as a result of my willingness to go into the discomfort, was massive self empowerment. My body craved deep core movements. However physically demanding my practice would be, the energetic quality of those movements helped me redefine what being in my center meant for me.


Through that willingness to be in discomfort, and surrender into the pain and tenderness of what I was going through, I had discovered an enormously powerful place within. For the first time, maybe ever in my life, I fell in love with myself.


Core work as a spiritual practice means allowing yourself to be so in the flow with Spirit that you are constantly empowered in each moment. However that may look or feel. Through getting into your core practice more deeply, you not only strength your body, but your capacity to hold space for your own radical transformations and shifts in life. Getting grounded in your body with a core practice is such a powerful tool to be consistently living the life you deserve. The tools offered in this workshop can be translated into your yoga practice, as well as the way your create your own reality off the mat.


The goddess archetype Lakshmi is the embodiment of radiance and luxurious self love. So, in the midst of core intensity, the invitation in this workshop is to soften into that place within that is inherently self nurturing and accepting.


Where can we lovingly invite awareness into places within that may have been disowned or pushed aside and instead, fearlessly acknowledge those shadow aspects of the self? We’ll invite this powerful archetype into the practice with some mantra and a short meditation. Simply tools to invite the remembering of that which all ready is.


You are already abundant, radiant and magnificent!


As movement is highly medicinal, so is knowledge. Charging the core is valuable, but so is an understanding of how these muscles work to get to that place of strength. Simple break downs of your core muscles and the way they work with your breath will be offered to build an even more clear foundation for empowerment. I’ll provide you with take home worksheets that will complement your existing yoga practice, whether it be in studio or at home.


How can we each stand stronger within ourselves to offer the gifts and radiance we were truly meant to offer this planet? Where are we holding back from standing in our power and really owning our strengths? Choose to step into yourself and boldly offer your gifts. All via your core practice!


Join us for an afternoon of transformation and empowerment Sunday, April 20th from 2:30-5:30 at Yogalife Studios South.


If you’re seeking any clarification or have any questions on this workshop, please contact Brittany at


In the empowered radiance of Spirit,