suitable for pregnancy

Beginner's Basics

For those that are brand new to yoga or want to brush up on basic skills to move through a flow or hatha class with more confident. This class will be more of a workshop style class to break down some basic poses for more comprehensive understanding. Each week we will go through a different topics and topics will be repeated monthly. 

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is designed to prepare the expectant mother for labour and focuses on increasing flexibility, strength, circulation and balance. This class is uniquely designed to help women adapt to the changes happening in her body during this period of time.

What to expect: A gentle, fun and community orientated class that will give you the skills you need to cope with the changes in your body during this exciting time.

Hatha Freedom Flow

This semi guided vinyasa flow class is meant to give freedom and space for each student to explore their own bodies, learn to trust the intuitive mind during movement and give themselves permission to be creative in their own practice all the while being in the energy of a classroom with a teacher loosely guiding you and answering any questions you have. This practice is great for anyone that has the courage and willingness to explore and trust themselves. Recommend to have taken a few yoga classes previously however this is not necessary.