Tocos + Matcha Shake


This is a quick and simple anti-oxidizing drink that you can easily supercharge with any of our potions or lab essentials. To sip at home, or on the go, at the office, or post yoga!

Tocotrienols (or tocos for short) are part of the vitamin E family, are an antioxidant; they may help lower cholesterol + are associated with cardiovascular wellness. Not only that- tocos work as an anti-inflammatory, aid in optimal eye health + l o v e your brain! Together with matcha, it is the perfect energizing, immune boosting, anti-oxidant drink!

This recipe was created and shared with our friends at Lululemon Calgary - we hope you enjoy! 

Tocos + Matcha Shake (with Shatavari + Maca)

Recipe by: The Gut Lab


2 Tbsps tocos + matcha*

1 cup unsweetened vanilla almond mylk (or milk alternative of choice)

1/4 tsp shatavari*

1/2 tsp maca*

1 tsp lucuma*

1-2 tsps raw organic honey (or to taste!)

* found at


1. Add all ingredients together in a glass jar with a tight fitting lid (an empty Bone Broth jar by The Gut Lab works perfectly!)

2. Screw the lid on tight

3. Shake, shake, shake!

4. Sip, sip, sip!