28 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself



Adapted from Rachel Gibbs at MindBodyGreen

28 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself


When I was completing my practicum for the Holistic Health Practitioner Program at MacEwan, I had to collect a certain amount of hours in a variety of areas to round out my portfolio. One of these areas was self-care, and I thought "amazing, I get credit for taking care of myself, plus I'm accountably taking care of myself!" This was one of my first introductions to self-care; I had a regular yoga practice and liked to whip up weird face masks and stuff, but actually documenting how I took care of myself was new. It makes sense: you must take care of yourself, especially if you plan on caring for others. As yogis and lovely humans, this is something that we're constantly reminding each other of, thankfully!


In the spirit of taking care of ourselves first, here are 28 ideas to spark some self-care in your life this month:


1. Take a bath.

2. Get a massage.

3. Go to the park.

4. Go on a walk.

5. Take time to be sexual – with yourself or your partner.

6. Try something new where you’re not in control or the expert.

7. Play with a child.

8. Visit a family member and get coffee.

9. Organize your DVDs and books and sell the ones you don’t want anymore.

10. Go to a yoga class.

11. Do your favourite DIY activity.

12. Write in a journal.



13. Sing karaoke.

14. Turn off your computer, tablet, and cell phone for two hours.

15. Watch your favorite movie from childhood.

16. Organize your iTunes music.

17. Get a manicure/pedicure.

18. Get lost in a magazine.

19. Dance around in your apartment.

20. Try a guided meditation.

21. Visit that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to.

22. Read for pleasure.

23. Bake.

24. Eat chocolate.

25. Go walk around your favourite store without buying anything.

26. Pick up the phone and call an old friend.

27. Be a tourist in your own town.

28. Start a gratitude journal.