3 Reasons To Take A Beginner Yoga Class


beginner yogaBeginner yoga, a very good place to start!

When you first decide to unroll a mat and try this yoga thing, it can be daunting to figure out exactly where to start. With so many classes, teachers and styles, it is nice to learn about the foundations of the practice to assist the navigation. As you go through this journey it becomes more clear that it really is about YOU, so why not start at the very beginning, a very good place to start, and allow yourself to truly find YOUR path. Here's 3 reasons to hit up a beginners yoga class, regardless of where you're at in your practice.

Get Acquainted with the System

Yoga is an ancient system comprised of asana (physical movement), meditation and pranayama (breathwork), amongst other things. Any of these facets may arise in a public class and work in unison to create this holistic practice. When you first start out, getting the sense of all these elements in unison may feel a little misaligned. The instructor may guide you to empty your mind, but your mind is trying to figure out what the heck to focus on. A beginner class will break down why and how we breathe the way we do in yoga, the most important piece of the puzzle. Once you harness this breath, the movement and meditation come with more ease.

Learn To Listen

Yoga can seem like a gymnastics routine. Any given class can and will have all levels of yogis there to do their thing, and it is your job as the ultimate teacher to choose YOUR practice for that moment. Whether you modify, rest or go deeper depends on what YOU need, not your acrobatic neighbour! A beginner class offers a pace that facilitates this learning to listen. You will spend more time breaking down poses and figuring out alignment so that you feel empowered to choose what works for you and what doesn't.

Reconnect Your Roots

The phrase "approach your practice with a beginner's mind" is heard often in a yoga class. If you are serving yourself for that exact moment in your day, then nothing you've done before on your mat and nothing that's to come really matters. Yes, your experiences are in your fibres and lend to how you operate, but when you cross the threshold to your mat it can feel like the first time, every time. Revisiting a beginner class can be a good reminder of this very foundation; to start fresh and reconnect with those original roots. Humility is one of the most tender offerings of yoga. begninner yoga 1

Yogalife Studios offers a variety of classes suitable for beginners. Check out Warm Foundation Flow, Beginner's Hot Flow, or Hatha Foundations to get a good base to move from.

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We are also offering a 5-week registered Beginner Yoga course with Michelle Chung. This course is for those that have little or no experience to the practice of yoga. The registered classes will introduce you to fundamental postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and the connection of breath and movement together (vinyasa), in a comfortable atmosphere with new yogis alike. Each week will be a progression in order to safely open up the body and build a solid foundation in the practice of yoga. Props will be used to help create space in the body, postures will be broken down to show proper alignment in order to prevent injury and emphasis will be given on breath and core control to help strengthen the body. Space will be limited so that new students will get the attention they need. Students should be able to easily go from standing to sitting on the floor and from sitting to standing.

Beginner Yoga - 5 Week Course with Michelle Chung Yogalife Studios South November 1 - December 6 || 2:30-3:45pm register here!