3 Ways to Connect With Nature on Earth Day


earth day yogi


Happy Earth Day!


Founded in 1970 by Wisconsin Governor and US Congressman Gaylord Nelson, this day reminds us to respect our mother, the one and only Gaia. Throughout his career, Nelson gave thousands of inspiring speeches to encourage humanity into environmental and political action - to make a difference in our local communities and globally.


"Our goal is not just an environment of clean air and water and scenic beauty. The objective is an environment of decency, quality and mutual respect for all other human beings and all other living creatures." Gaylord Nelson

Our connection with nature inspires us to make these changes. When we bask in her beauty we understand how sacred and important it is to respect her. Perhaps surrounding ourselves with this beauty is the best reminder to make the little changes that lead to the big ones.


Today we're sharing three simple ways to feel connected with nature, to celebrate this amazing place we call home, and to inspire the respect and attention the planet deserves.


1. Get Outside and Be Present

This one seems pretty obvious but sometimes we forget to be present on our commute or outdoor exercise routine. When we consciously spend time in nature we feel the breeze, take in the textures, hear the offerings around us. Let this become a practice of gratitude and a reminder of just how beautiful it is out there. Take your yoga practice outside, dig in a garden, bring a sketchbook or camera on a walk and let Gaia be your muse.


2. Eat Raw

We are what we eat. One way to feel connected with nature is to ingest it! Enjoying an entirely raw meal allows us to soak in the full nutrients of our food without any interruption. Play around with the flavours and colours of nature in your dish and pour thanks into every bite.


3. Guided Earth-Focused Meditation

Going on an inward journey is a beautiful way to create a healing intention for something bigger. Try one of these guided meditations to reconnect with the planet, mindfully sending your love and energy out into it.


Enjoy Earth Day celebrations in your community and let the inspiration from this one day spill into the rest.