Brandon Jacobs' Yoga Journey


In just a short period of time, Brandon Jacobs has already garnered quite a following here at our studio. He is not only a yoga instructor, but a graduate of physical education, a massage therapist, and our official blogger for our website! After practicing different forms of yoga for a long time prior to finding Yogalife South, it just so happened that the stars lined up when we ran our first teacher training through Gaiatri Yoga. He was finally convinced by his wife to take on a teacher training, as it was obvious on the surface that this was his calling. Brandon is now known around the studio as a challenging instructor, with effective cues, notorious for his love of quotes to close a practice.


"Yoga can be really transformative. It can break you down. It can build you up. It can just strip you to very core."

-Brandon Jacobs 


Being a yoga instructor has complimented his massage therapy practice allowing him to observe how physical ailments affect postures. At the same time, his knowledge of the physical body from his education has contributed to his ability to effectively cue his students, and provide them modifications for challenging postures. Brandon will soon be leading the anatomy portion of our teacher training, expanding our studentship and helping to cultivate a body of quality instructors to spread their love of yoga with the rest of the world!

If you would like to book a massage with Brandon at his massage therapy clinic, Pure Wellness Studio, you can visit their website here.