Brandon Jacobs: Yogalife’s First Teacher Training


As you all know from our announcement last week our first ever Teacher Training led by Yogalife's very own instructors will be commencing next summer, on June 30, 2014. We are extremely excited, and humbled to be guiding some of our studentship along a pathway that we know will be nothing short of epic.


"Ultimately [becoming a teacher]  is about reaching your pure potential so you can guide others." - Brandon Jacobs


Brandon Jacobs shares with us his experience searching for a yoga training, and gives advice to individuals considering doing a teacher training for the first time. Brandon's experience as a physical trainer and his background as a physical education instructor, as well as a massage therapist provides him a vast amount of knowledge in the areas of anatomy and alignment, which is why we felt he'd be perfect to lead that portion of our training.


"Teacher training is all about you connecting with yourself so that you can connect with people." - Brandon Jacobs


Check out our video below, where Brandon discusses his role, as well as his journey through yoga teacher training. Though we'd love for you to be a part of Yogalife's first training, as Brandon mentions, we want for you to find the teacher training that is best suited to you, which can provide you the opportunity to truly be yourself.


Brandon Jacobs Talks about Yogalife's Teacher Training for 2014 from Yogalife Studios on Vimeo.

To register for our teacher training or to find out more information, please visit our website here.