Edmonton Hot Yoga Community, We Love You!


The Edmonton hot yoga family is strong

Let's face it, Edmonton has had an interesting summer for weather this year. We've been subject to some scorching hot days, crazy thunder storms and humidity like never before! As yeggers, we know this all over weather is par for the course, so it doesn't shock us over here at Yogalife Studios when we see your shining faces come through the door multiple times a week to get your hot yoga fix. We love providing you humidity addicts with another hour in the heat to stretch out and relax from your day. The Edmonton hot yoga community is unstoppable!  


Here's a few reasons why WE love hot yoga as much as you do - a reminder to why we continue coming back to our mats even on the hottest, sweatiest days in Edmonton. Check out our full list of yoga benefits here!


All yoga is cleansing, but hot yoga allows our body to flush out toxins through the skin because, well, things get SWEATY! Detoxification year round is important and summer is no exception. Weddings, parties, barbecues and all sorts of other fun, food-and-drink-filled festivities call for a few hot yoga classes a week to keep our systems in balance.

Going Deeper

When we feel safe we feel open; the heat of the hot yoga room warms us to the core and allows us to begin opening up deeper, safely. When our muscles are genuinely warm, we can approach the postures from a safer place. With the body feeling more limber, we can try to go for that bind, or deepen that back bend. Sometimes we surprise ourselves with the willingness our bodies take on in the heat! In the same breath, it is incredibly important to always listen to your body and beware of going past the "edge" of your pose. Know that your body is more open in the heat and respect your boundaries.

Letting Go

The heat of the room can be overwhelming at times, and the amount we sweat can be even more alarming. When we embrace the sweat and settle in with the heat, the practice becomes that much more enjoyable. We are the Edmonton hot yoga community for a reason - we love to sweat and we love being in the heat! If you are newer to the practice, don't stress if you don't let go and love these things right away. It often takes a little while to become comfortable with the inevitabilities of hot yoga - keep coming back to your breath, take breaks, and reach for that water bottle whenever you need! Chances are, you're going to feel amazing at the end of the class, especially if you listen to yourself and take those breaks when you need them. In this practice we not only let go of the "omg it's way too hot" or "wow I'm sweating so much, this is gross" - we let go of needing to be something, or "keeping up", and we embrace exactly where we're at. We let go of the ego, we embrace ourselves.

Thank you for creating this Edmonton hot yoga community, for continuing to make it to your mat to sweat it out, connecting with yourself and everyone in the room. Keep it up!