Emily McNicoll's Yoga Journey


Emily's Journey into yoga started about 8 years ago as she was travelling overseas in Australia, when an interest in Reiki and energetic healing naturally led into the practice of yoga. Emily sees the beauty in mindfulness and a gentle practice, and encourages her students to be grateful for the present moment instead of focussing on what's good or bad.


"Rather than labelling things as "good" or "bad", realizing that the experience of life is a blessing in itself and above all to just be thankful for it has encouraged me to be more aware of the present moment."


Emily's love for restorative yoga, and her desire to help those with stiff muscles, joint issues and a number of other physical impairments has led her to lead a restorative workshop at Yogalife Studios North, on November 8 from 7PM-9PM. Restorative yoga can be beneficial for both the mind and the body, helping to get us into proper alignment, while gently alleviating any areas of tension or pain. It can also play an important role in providing our minds with mental clarity, integrating an opportunity for meditation amidst these gentle healing postures. To find out more about Emily, and her upcoming workshop, check out the video below!

Emily's Nurture and Restore workshop on November 8 is quickly filling up! If you're interested, please visit the registration site here.

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