Essential Cyclist Asanas



This month we are joining along in the YEG celebration of cycling! As yogis, we know how incredibly essential it is to honour our bodies with the right movement, finding balance after rigorous activity. Yoga, in all its magnificence and splendour, is the perfect compliment to pretty much anything; give me a side of asana before and/or after a long ride and I am a happy camper!


Yogi and endurance athlete Josh Schrei shares the following:


Pedalling long hours astride the saddle with the neck up shortens the spine and causes tightness in the lower back, sacrum, and hips. The neck and jaw can lock up, too. Good posture and stretching will help diminish these after-effects of serious rides.


First, look at your posture in the saddle. Focus on lengthening the spine—be conscious of keeping space between the shoulders and neck. Also, lift the navel to engage the lower abdomen. This will keep the support in your core to protect your lower back.


Second, do these four yoga postures every day to stay loose and maximize your potential on the bike.


1. Cat/Cow


Cat/Cow brings length to the spine in both the forward- and back-bends, working out stored tension from cycling.



2. Downward Facing Dog


Downward dog will not only open the lower back, it will also strengthen it, giving you structural support when you’re on the bike.



3. Chair Pose Into Forward Bend


Like Downward Dog, this pose alternately strengthens and opens the low back and hips. It also lengthens the upper spine.



4.  Plow


This pose will open up the whole spine, particularly the sacrum at the base of the spine.


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