Fear - Understanding and Overcoming


Fear is about loss. 


Fear is about the loss of familiar things.


We fear losing the jobs we don’t like and the people we don’t love.

This is what keeps us stuck in insanity.


We fear losing the comfort of a habit that gets in our way.

This is why we continue to numb ourselves.


We fear the loss of pleasures that we enjoy.

This is what causes us to lie, cheat or steal.


We fear losing our youth.

This is why we are deceitful about our age or try to stay forever young.


We fear losing our money or never having enough.

This is what causes us to ignore the people around us and to work an insane amount of hours.


We fear losing our status or recognition.

This is what causes us to pretend to be someone we’re not.


We fear death or losing our health.

This is what causes us to ignore and neglect the elderly population.


We fear losing our children.

This is why they can't talk to strangers or play in the front yard.


We fear losing our sense of identity.

This is why we worship our degrees, titles and live in cubicle prison.


We fear losing our sense of safety.

This is why have stuff packed in storage units and supplies stockpiled for doomsday.


We fear feeling unlovable and being unloved.

This is why we become people-pleasers and lose our souls in the process.


Fear sucks.

The only way to get around this nonsense is to understand that we really don’t have any of these things to begin with. Every thing is subject to change and alteration. Safety is an illusion. 


The only thing that we can count on is the present moment. Notice that you are safe right now and get on with what you need to do!


Get rid of fear, love others and yourself, play, be authentic, take risks, show gratitude. You have today and this present moment. You are trading a piece of your time that you can never get back for this exact moment. Let that moment be something good.