Featured Teacher: Jennie Toshach



Meet Jennie Toshach. Yoga instructor at Yogalife North, Sub at Yogalife South. Teaches Hot Flow & Beginner's Hot Flow.


Since being introduced to yoga seven years ago, Jennie Toshach immediately fell in love with the practice. Having struggled with anxiety and seeing the difference yoga made in her own life she made it her goal to become part of the culture, and make a career doing what she loves - spreading positive energy.


"I was suffering from anxiety and found that yoga was the best cure. So i got drawn into practising and wanted to share it with others." - Jennie Toshach


Receiving her intensive training with Moksha Yoga in Montreal 2010 she immediately began putting her new skills to work all around Alberta. Jennie is very excited to be part of the HOT family and loves to bring a sense of ease, fun, and relaxation to her classes while still challenging her student’s body and mind. Expect to be pushed, have fun, and probably hear some awesome music too!“I shut my eyes in order to see.” – Paul Gauguin


"I find that yoga really centers me. Whenever I’m feeling upset, either teaching or practising  I find that yoga makes me feel great afterwards."