Foundation Friday: Dry Skin Brushing


This post is yet another instalment in our Foundation Friday series - tidbits of information to deepen your practice.  This month we are focusing on falling deeper; exploring the practices that allow you to shine from the inside out.  We will focus on a variety of self-love and self-care practices to get you falling!

Foundation Friday: Dry Skin Brushing


Earlier this week we shared yoga poses to get you glowing, focusing on postures that stimulated the lungs and digestive systems to make your skin radiate. Today we're sharing something even more simple and incredibly effective: dry skin brushing. This simple wellness technique is quick, inexpensive, and helps to cleanse your body inside and out.


Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing 

  • exfoliates dead skin
  • stimulates the lymphatic system
  • helps reduce cellulite
  • unclogs pores
  • improves circulation
  • allows skin to absorb more nutrients
How to Dry Skin Brush
  • make sure to purchase a natural bristle brush (not synthetic!) that has a long handle to reach your entire body
  • strip down and stand in the tub or a surface you can sweep up (it may get a little "dusty")
  • brush from your extremities in towards your heart; start at your feet and work up your legs to your torso then move to your arms and follow the same path
  • use long, sweeping motions and be mindful of sensitive areas (skin will become less sensitive the more your brush)
  • you may choose to shower first and then apply an organic oil like sesame or coconut
  • you may warm up your oil and apply it after you brush; let the oil sink in for 10 minutes and then shower off and pat dry
  • this technique is recommended twice a day
  • don't forget to clean your brush with soap once a week

Happy Brushing!