Inner Glow Nutrition: Your "Self-Realization" Diet



We are really excited to announce our new guest blogger,

Nutritionista and Natural Foods Chef - Kristin Fraser!


Kristin, a former mechanical engineer, took the plunge and trained in New York City at the Natural Gourmet Institute as a Natural Foods Chef. She is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist as well as Living Foods Instructor and is here to share recipes, education and fun around health and nutrition. Check out her website for more wholesome goodness and to download her free recipe package.


Here she shares one of her favourite cookbooks and some insights on how food can affect your own self realization.

Your “Self-Realization Diet”


“Food is a mirror: Look into the mirror of what you eat, and you will learn to see yourself.”

– Unknown.

It’s not easy being a health nut – you know, staying on track, avoiding all those temptations you used to love, working at dealing with stress in different ways than you are used to. Slug back a beer or go to yoga… hmmmm… But it sure isn’t easy NOT being one either - having to deal with excess weight creep back or digestive disturbances from poor food choices, or getting what I call “food hangovers” from eating too much sugar, consuming too much caffeine or just eating straight up too much junk.


I am consistently humbled by the social workings of the world and how choosing health still seems to be outside of the “norm”. It’s much more normal to fry up the bacon, drink a beer, eat a bunch of cupcakes and puff back a cigarette than to engage in all these healthful activities like eating fresh fruits and vegetables, avoiding sugar and alcohol and practicing yoga or meditation.

It can all seem so boring to some. Well – some more so than others I suppose. But all these negative eating habits can also go hand in hand with emotions like irritability, anxiousness, complacency, or moodiness. When you eat clean, yoga it up, drink lots of fresh water, and spend time in nature you feel amazing, positive and content. Less complaining and more time to self reflect and ask “What can I offer this world?”

In Caroline Marie Dupont’s book “Enlightened Eating” (one of my staple fave recipe books) she goes into not only some delicious ways to prepare whole plant based foods, including desserts and treats but shares a much bigger aspect of what food can bring to your life… what she calls a “Self-Realization Diet”. I love her story because I can completely relate. She writes:


“In our shift to a vegetarian whole foods diet, we received many benefits such as increased energy, better digestion and elimination, and improved health in general. However, other unexpected transformations occurred for me – I connected with a deep longing for meaning and authenticity in my life. I seemed to be more aware, more alive, more curious about who I was and how I could fulfill my purpose here.”


Not that everyone needs to be a vegetarian to be healthy or experience the shift, but having the awareness that food not just affects energy but how your choices affect your emotional and spiritual wellbeing as well is an important and ongoing step.


When you cut out sugar and refined foods you start dealing with the real emotions behind why they were consumed in the first place. There’s a whole lot of self love that needs to come into play and when they break through that – the real glow starts to shine through.

And not from a buzz from a few beers or a high from sugar, but from the pure essence of your “true self”. Think about some dietary changes that you could make to stay on your true path. Are you experiencing your self realization diet?