Journey To Self-Healing



Negative self talk & self criticism is an ongoing issue for many of us. Whether it be through constantly comparing ourselves to others, focusing on our flaws, or caring too much about others opinions of us, we eventually tear ourselves down to the point of self loathing & unhappiness.   As a result of obsessing over her "imperfections" & consuming her thoughts with continuous negativity, Courtney Kennett struggled with every known eating disorder, body dismorphia & major depression. However, through Journalling, Meditation, Mantras, Breathwork & Yoga Asana, she has overcome many of the horrible habits that trapped her for years.


Join Courtney at Yogalife Studios South as she helps you explore a path of Yoga that will guide you towards self healing, self worth & self love! From struggling with many issues herself, Courtney has found ways to integrate Yogic techniques to calm the mind, repair the body & uplift the soul.


Journey To Self-Healing w/ Courtney Kennett Saturday, January 10 || 2:30-5:30 pm Yogalife Studios South register here


The following is borrowed from Courtney's "Yogi of the Month" piece from October's month of self-love.


For years (and even to this day) I struggle with that constant battle of negative self talk & the never ending strive for “perfection”. Although it is a positive thing to set goals & to be productive, this can also be a very slippery slope that can result in a damaging outcome. But how do we draw the line? And how do we Love ourselves even if we aren’t quite where we want to be? These were questions I asked myself for years & after submersing myself in the true roots of Yoga I have finally been able to show gratitude, love & positivity towards myself!


Below are a few things I have learnt that have helped transform my perspective on practising Yoga.


1. Rather than thinking of Yoga as a way to “burn calories & workout” I started looking at it as a healing modality… It’s became a time for me to disconnect from my worldly commitments/distractions & an opportunity for me to focus on my journey towards becoming a calmer, kinder, patient individual.


2. Instead of letting my mind wander towards envy of the girl with the “flat abs & perfect head stand”, I’ve learnt to set a personal intention & create an individual Mantra every time I step onto my mat. If my thoughts start to shift in a negative direction I gently remind myself of my Mantra ” I AM BEAUTIFUL & I AM ON MY JOURNEY TO BECOMING MY BEST SELF”.


3. Speaking of Journey, I often tell my students “It is called Yoga PRACTISE, not Yoga PERFECT”. As a result, we must realize that teachers do not expect us to be perfect or to never fall out of a pose… And if they do, then please find another instructor lol ;) I purposely try to fall in class & make a fool of myself when I teach, just to show my students that it’s ok to slip up & struggle at times (it makes us human).


4. Lastly, I encourage everyone on their Journey to take what they’ve learnt in class & start applying it throughout their day. For instance, if I learn about a new Pranyama (breathing technique) to calm my mind, then I try to use it when I feel agitated, nervous or hard on myself.


Yoga is an amazing tool we can all use on our “Journey To Self-Healing”.