Learn to Fly: Sara Cueva's Love of Inversions


If you know Sara Cueva, you know that she loves being upside down, or balancing on her hands. This love of inversions has been there ever since the beginning of her yoga journey and has developed with her dedication, continuous practice, and attendance at workshops with master instructors. Sara's love and experience has culminated into a workshop that she'd like to share with you (yes you!) on Saturday, September 7 and Yogalife Studios North!


"I think that I love arm balances so much because, not only are they challenging physically, but they also challenge our fears" -Sara Cueva


For Sara, teaching arm balances is more than just making students stronger physically. It's about generating the willpower to conquer our fears. Being upside down isn't a comfortable state of being for most people, as we live our lives upright. Being able to go upside down (even if you fall out) is a testament to a person's will to overcome their fears and to venture outside their comfort zone.


Check out our latest video of Sara demoing some of her favourite arm balances, while also talking about why she loves them so much!


To register for Sara's upcoming workshop please click here Where: Yogalife North When: Saturday September 7, from 1PM-4PM

Cost: $35 Open to all levels!