Massage Therapy FAQ's!


Adapted and written by Brandon Jacobs

“Will the treatment be painful?”


The best answer is that with a good therapist, any discomfort during treatment will be at a level tolerated by the client.  We communicate continuously with our clients to ensure they are able to stay relaxed.  My philosophy is that when I am giving a therapeutic treatment, the depth of pressure should be challenging, but not acutely painful.  This is very important so that post treatment soreness can be kept to a minimum, and progress toward recovery is as smooth as possible.


“How do I find a therapist who can use a lot of pressure?”


This is a frequent concern for clients with a high pain tolerance and chronic pain.  It can be difficult to find a massage therapist who is trained well enough to use deep pressure with confidence.  Firstly, it's important to ask for what you want when you book your appointment so you can be placed with an appropriate practitioner. Most clinics (ie. Pure Wellness Studio, where I work as a RMT) have therapists who prefer working lighter, and we have therapists who prefer working with deep tissue techniques.  Secondly, go with a referral from friends and colleagues!  Most of my clientele is referred to me by a friend who is an existing client (many practitioners and staff at Yogalife frequent our clinic)


“How often should I get a massage therapy treatment?”


When a client comes for their first massage, we set them up with a treatment plan that makes sense for their condition.  Changing the condition of the muscles and fascia is a process that usually takes a few treatments close together.  My typical client will come for a treatment every week or two for three or four treatments.  We can make steady progress with frequent visits, and as soon as it makes sense, spread the treatments apart, usually to 3-4 week increments.  Most often, my goal is to reduce the tension in the body so the muscles are able to work properly, efficiently, and independently.  At this point, our training staff is able to take over the main role and teach clients how to strengthen and balance their bodies.  Given the knowledge to keep their bodies strong, our clients need fewer massage therapy treatments to maintain quality of life and performance.


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