Melissa Talks About Ashtanga Yoga


Ashtanga Yoga is a lineage of Vinyasa Yoga developed by Pattabhi Jois and is a methodology to cleanse our body of impurities. Through the use of Tristana, we hope to cleanse 3 areas of our body.

1. Asana - the physical postures to clean our body.

2. Pranayama - breathwork to clean the energy channels in the body.

3. Drishtana - the idea of focus, used to cleanse the brain and nervous system.


Ashtanga yoga follows the lunar cycle; as our bodies are composed of 70% water, and the moon governs the tide, by practicing according to the lunar cycle, Ashtanga hopes to reset the body to a more natural state before we implemented artificial lighting in our society.


"The point behind Ashtanga, is that if you practice every day, your practice will eventually change." - Melissa Perret


Ashtanga yoga is accessible to everyone, but be aware it is challenging! It's a humbling experience, as the postures initially seem impossible, but with time, patience, and the ability to let go of the exterior, the postures will find themselves into your practice, and your ego will begin to dissipate. For Melissa's registered yoga class, beginners are welcome, but we ask that all participants come already comfortable with the basic postures of a vinyasa - upward facing dog, downward facing dog, chaturanga etc. We do not recommend attending this registered class if you have no yoga background at all.


 "You will immediately see that you have to let go of your ego, as you initially face some very challenging postures, and take a more inward focus to your practice - a moving meditation." -Melissa Perret 


Ashtanga Melissa from Yogalife Studios on Vimeo.