Mindful Self Healing - Yoga and Massage


Brandon not only helps guide bodies as a yoga instructor, but he also works as a massage therapist and personal trainer. He has worked diligently to bridge all of them together to create The Art of Yoga and Massage series. With his knowledge of the human body and how it relates to your yoga practice, Brandon can help take you through a deeper awareness of what may be physically or emotionally holding you back.


Mindful Self-Healing – The Art of Yoga and Massage


Join Brandon Jacobs on December 7th from 3:30-6:30pm at the North Studio for a three-hour workshop based on many principles of Massage Therapy and Yoga! Throughout this workshop you will learn techniques to self heal, as well as to help heal another. Our body is extremely multifaceted and connected. Throughout this workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience the healing power of touch, and how it can relate to openness and freedom in your yoga practice. This workshop will involve a lot of hands on work, so come with a friend, partner, or spouse, OR ensure you are comfortable touching and being touched by someone you do not know (for the clinical palpation of partner trigger point techniques). The art of “touch” is incredibly impactful, but please be mindful that it takes time, and is such, an “art.”



***Please bring a golf ball and either a lacrosse or tennis ball to this workshop.


Please note that there are only 6-8 spots available for this workshop.


To register, please visit our website here