Personal Progress: keeping track of YOU


edmonton yeg yoga 3  If you've been around the studio lately you've probably seen our Virya Challenge poster in the hallway, chalk FULL of checkmarks.  This "challenge" is intended to create accountability to a steady practice; students can see their progress and feel the benefits.  When you track your progress you have a tangible account of your journey.  It serves as a guide for the process, and although it's just a checkmark - or a journal entry or perhaps even a sticker! - it is a visual representation of your accomplishments.     edmonton yeg yoga 2   Tuning into your progress is a huge part of achieving goals.  Nothing happens overnight, especially when it comes to self-study and growth, so keeping track along the journey is helpful to stay on the path.  Keep on keeping on and remember, it's never too late to join the team or create your own commitments!  As per usual, the family at Yogalife Studios is mega proud of all of you and so thrilled to be a part of your progress.   edmonton yeg yoga