Pete Longworth at Yogalife



We were delighted to have TEDx talking, globe walking, Aussie photographer and Mr. Art of Seeing, Pete Longworth, drop by the studio on his visit to Edmonton. He conducted a community event and spent an afternoon getting snap-happy with some of Yogalife's most notorious characters. From portraits to poses, headstands to heckling, kisses and crack-ups... it was an amazing experience that left us all better than we started. Thank you to everyone that came down and created such a wonderful energy, and a very special thank you to Pete for providing such a juicy offering to our community. For those who missed it... next time just believe us when we say that and event is not to be missed!

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For anyone interested in using these images for anything beyond personal social media exploits, Pete has very kindly extended the opportunity to own your images for any purpose provided you donate the associated fee to Brandon & Lindsay's Nicaragua charity. Each image will be made available to you un-watermarked in both an optimised online version and as a high resolution print version. Images will be $50 each and all payments may be made directly as cash [in a clearly marked envelope - who/for what/how much] to Yogalife. Please forward all image requests to


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