Slow Flow Chakra Glow



This weekend, Yogalife Studios Edmonton North is hosting "Slow Flow Chakra Glow" with Cole Williston and Kris Elaschuk. Chakras are located along the spine. Each of these energy centers can be felt in the body, exercised through yoga, and balanced to create an overall state of well being. With Cole's background in Chakra Yoga he will lead us through a warm flow designed to bring awareness to the elements that represent each chakra. As we practice Kris will be serenading our souls with a variety of sounds intelligently created to stimulate the chakras. The afternoon will close with a 30 min meditation complimented by the crystal bowls. Let's continue to glow this winter solstice even when the sun won't.


Slow Flow Chakra Glow with Cole Williston & Kris Elaschuk

Yogalife Studios Edmonton North

December 21, 2014, 3:30-6pm


We've talked chakras before; those whirling discs of energy throughout our system that govern a whole host of connections to our health, harmony, history and human form.  Sarah Walsh at MindBodyGreen explains "the chakra system is a complex energetic system, and chakra balancing is one path that can lead you to spiritual growth...  when you discover and become aware of your unique chakra system, you can balance these energetic systems not only to reach higher consciousness, but also to achieve more peace and balance in your everyday life."


You can/will take a lifetime or two studying the things that make your wheels turn, but Walsh suggests this simple written exercise to get in check with the imbalances that may be affecting your life.


1. Muladhara Chakra The first chakra is where the Kundalini energy lies dormant. Muladhara is the most physical chakra and the energy therefore is grounded and rooted. When this chakra is out of balance, greediness and the desire to hoard appear. When this chakra is in balance, feelings of security, calmness and connectedness to the earth are present.


What is your relationship like with your family? What is your relationship like with money?


2. Svadhisthana Chakra The second chakra is the center of creativity and sexuality. When this chakra is out of balance, jealousy, anger, promiscuity and codependency can be found. When this chakra is in balance, creativity and love blossom.


What are ways in which you express your creativity? Do you feel creatively blocked or open, and why?


3. Manipura Chakra The third chakra is the seat of power. It's the center of our identity and selfhood. When this chakra is out of balance, the emotional dysfunctions are fear, guilt and intimidation. When the chakra is in balance, there's a strong sense of trust, self-esteem, responsibility and power or strength.


Would you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert? Reflect on times in your life where you may need to stoke your fire (power) and times when you may needed to contain the flames (power).


4. Anahata Chakra The fourth chakra is the home of love and compassion. This is the central chakra, where the lower and upper chakras meet. When Anahata is out of balance, feelings of resentment and loneliness exist. When it's in balance, you're at peace with yourself, others and the environment.


What injustices in society break your heart? Write a forgiveness letter to someone (you do not have to send it unless you want to).


5. Vishudha Chakra The fifth chakra is the doorway to liberation. It's the center of self-expression. There are 16 petals to represent each of the 16 Sanskrit vowels. When the chakra is out of balance, criticism, bitterness and addiction may be present. When it's in balance, purity of speech, expression and choice are present.


List 10 adjectives that best describe you. Do you tend to be the talker in the conversation or the listener? Does this change with different people in your life? If so, why may that be?


6. Ajna Chakra The third eye sees the future while the physical eyes see the past and present. This is our center of intuition and wisdom. When the chakra is closed, learning disabilities and untruthfulness may result. Often referred to as “a gut feeling,” when the third eye is open we intuitively find the answers to our own questions. When the relationship of the self and the spirit are heightened, there's great access to inner resources and insight.


If you had one question to ask a psychic, what would you ask? Name a time when you listened to your intuition and it worked, and name a time you didn't follow your intuition and the results were unfavorable.


7. Sahasrara The last chakra is the highest both physically and spiritually. The individual merges with the whole here creating oneness with the universal life force. When the chakra is blocked, genetic disorders and selfishness may occur. When the chakra is spinning open, one feels spiritually alive and connected.


How does the word God resonate with you? Identify the times when you feel the most connected to your spirituality.


For more in-depth reading and writing, check this book out.

See you this weekend!